Saturday, March 14, 2015

Skin + Routine Update

So you are probably curious as to how my skin is doing. My skin used to be so bad and bumpy from clogged pores and acne, when I put on makeup all the bumps were noticeable. Even makeup couldn't cure that problem *sad face*. Now my skin is smoother and even toned, it is also brighter. I am still working through the acne scarring, it takes a while to go away since skin turn over is according to online sites between 21-28 days and slower as you grow older.

So the before pics actually show me 3 days into usage of the original routine (routine has been posted) including the Holika Holika wine mask. I wish I had some pictures to show you before treatment, but that was before my blog creation and generally I'm not inclined to take pictures of my heavily acne face without make up on.

So here are my pics 3 days after using routine the BEFORE pics:
I am wearing NO MAKEUP in these pictures.
Sorry I don't look very happy or have weird looking eyes I'm not very photogenic.
Do you know whats crazy? All three pictures were taken in my bathroom and due to my cameras weird lighting, some of the tiles are green and some are white and some in between ...

So here are my after AFTER pics 10 days using the routine, I have included 2 new Korean products.  One has been included for about 2 days, the other 4-5 days.
Will post updated routine below.
I am wearing NO MAKEUP in these pictures.
In my opinion my skin has almost no acne, is no longer bumpy more even toned, softer, clearer, and I'm so happy. My make up covers everything smoothly when I wear it!
I still have acne scarring of course, but I hope after about 3 weeks to a month of using the routine I will have that lovely Korean porcelain skin.

Do you know whats crazy? All three pictures were taken in my bathroom and due to my cameras weird lighting, some of the tiles are green and some are white and some in between ...

So here is the updated skin care routine:

All steps are the same as the orginal daily night time routine post except Steps 2 and 8.

2.MISSHA Aloe Fermented Cleansing Foam or MISSHA Creamy Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam
 Still testing these two, so far I like the Aloe one better than the Strawberry Latte one, not in love with these, they are okay. I'm also not sure they are better than the Neutrogena Rapid Clear cleanser I was using. 

The Missha ones give you that squeaky clean feeling, which I am not sure I like. The only time I ever had squeaky clean skin was when my skin was stripped of all oils when I used dish detergent on my face as a kid. My skin was so dried so that feeling sits bad with me. 

The Neutrogena one leaves a waxy kind of film of your face which I remove with the $2 toner. All in all both products are mediocre at best. I will do a review showing you how well those cleaners remove make up and oils (which is not that well at all).

The ingredients are not much different but the Missha cleaners contain parabens, which there are claims being made about it having negative side effects. I won't go into some of the studies or what possible side effects are. Feel free to google and you will get a whole host of them. 

But I will probably not repurchase when I finish using them since I don't find them superior to the Neutrogena, and because they contain parabens.

8. Step 8 the Olay complete for sensitive skin has been replaced by the TONYMOLY pure eco snail mosturize gel. KoreaDepart and Memebox sells it, you should probably go to Memebox since its $9 (free shipping if you purchase $30+) and its $7.56 on KoreaDepart with a higher cost in shipping as it is by weight and this product is pretty heavy.

Also, I am probably returning the C10 serums and the It's Skin Hyalauronic Acid Toner. Memebox gives you 90 days to return the item. They pay for the postage. Pretty great deal. The reason being I entered the ingredients of all 3 products into this site They all 3 have a mildy comedogenic ingredients. I added only the green C10, supposedly controls oils and it clogged my pores. My skin is super sensitive and I am very very acne prone. So I pretty much don't want to deal with any of those 3 products.

So here is what the site looks like. Copy and paste the list of ingredients or hand type it if you need to into that large white box. Separate ingredients with a comma. Solve the math problem to prove you are a real person and in the yellow box, it displays if there are any comedogenic ingredients and how comedogenic they are.

So all 3 of the C10s and the toner contains Butylene Glycol (mildly comedogenic) and
Triethanolamine (mildly comedogenic). It is either both or either of those ingredients clogging my skin. So I am going to try to return them. The Missha Aloe Cleansing Foam contains both as well so I am returning it along with the others to be safe.

So I am a bit disappointed at the items. But it was only because I had such success I expected all Korean skin care items to work wonder, which is silly of me. There's also not really a way to check if the items will break me out unless I know exactly what ingredients will do it. The Holika Holika red wine mask, doesn't break me out and contains 2 mildy comedogenic ingredients as well.

Good luck, hope this has been helpful!

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