Sunday, March 8, 2015

Holika Holika Sleeping Mask in Red Wine review.

So I want you to know I loved the Red Wine mask so much I ordered the White Wine one too. I was placing an order from KoreaDepart and there was extra weight space I wanted to fill and so far KoreaDepart was the cheapest place I have seen these items.

The reason why I got the Red Wine:

1. I was getting my order from Amazon Prime and the Red Wine was $12.84 (FREE SHIPPING) while the White Wine was $16.40 (FREE SHIPPING). So one of the reasons was the price difference.

2. The main reason was because, I read reviews about the difference between the Red and White Wine products. From what I have read the White Wine is more moisturizing and has like a white creamier texture . The Red Wine was suppose to be more gel like and better for acne skin. Take these with a grain of salt because these are just from random reviews I have read on the internet with no self verification of the White Wine to compare.

So this is what the product looks like:

The texture is like light grape jelly. The color is a slight wine red. Smells like grape juice, delicious! Love that it came with the little plastic scoop. I use rubbing alcohol to clean it, waiting for the alcohol to evaporate before I dip it in the product. After I finish using the scoop I wash with warm water and store.
One scoopful on the back of my hand.
Half spread product.
Fully spread, still wet product on hand.
About 15 minutes later product has completely set and if you wanted to sleep (as it is a sleeping mask) now would be a good time as product would not transfer. The finish is slightly sticky to the touch, like you have some lotion on that has not fully absorbed into the skin.

Now why I love this product. I have extreme acne prone skin and it did not break me out. In fact it dried up all my acne, so I spent the next day extracting a lot of comedones. My nose pores had not looked so good in years! Now I'm not saying this thing will cure acne. This product is meant to moisturize and "seal in" other products you have used.

My face was moisturized but not greasy it felt clean, supple, and fresh after I washed the mask off. The reason I stopped breaking as as severely could be due to the fact my face was finally properly moisturized or that the mask made the acne product I used before applying the mask, more effective.

I have used this mask for about 6 days so far. I noticed a remarkable improvement. My skin is brighter, it evened out some of my skin tone and my face is more supple. I a frown line which started developing about 3 years ago and it seriously bothers me so much, has diminished a bit. I chalk that up to proper moisturize since wrinkles are super noticeable on dry skin. I really wish I had taken a picture of myself prior to use of this mask as the difference was that dramatic.

I will post my current skin care routine in my next post. Keep in mind the only Korean skincare product in use in it so far is the sleeping mask since the other items I have ordered has not arrived yet. After the effectiveness of just 1 product I can't wait to try the others!

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