Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hi, I'm La Sherri and I'm new to blogging

A little about myself. I am currently 26. My birthday is in 2 days! I am a 5ft tall 105 lb asian girl. I am mainly Viet and Chinese. My skin tone is fairly light, but man do I have some serious acne problems. I especially have problems with clogged pores, even when I used prescription products, it stops the pore from turning into a pimple, but the pore stays clogged. My hair is medium, black, and wavy. I used to dye it a shade of red or brown all the time, especially when I was younger.

I used American skincare products and makeup for pretty much all my life. It never really solved my problems I was still always struggling with acne. So due to raving reviews about Korean skincare and when I visited Korea, I noticed almost everyone there (the men and women) have beautiful clear skin, I decided to switch to Korean skincare items. So shopping SPREE.

Anyway, I have 3 separate orders yet to arrive and I plan to do a haul for each parcel. 2 orders from Memebox and 1 from KoreaDepart. I just have to say the KoreaDepart prices are INCREDIBLE, I'm totes in love, but the shipping can be a bit steep as it is based on weight. Still totally worth it for the items I bought, they were practically half price compared to what I would have to pay in the states.

The first item I ordered and received pretty fast, because it wasn't shipped from Korea. It was Amazon Primed and was the Holika Holika Sleeping Mask in Red Wine.

Here is the pricing for the Holika Holika Sleeping Mask in Red Wine and White Wine:

Memebox: $26 for Red Wine (SOLD OUT) $26 for White Wine (SOLD OUT) Keep in mind Memebox only gives free shipping if the order is over $30 else it comes to what I believe is $6.95 shipping. So actually $32.95 when you include shipping.

Amazon: $12.84 for Red Wine (FREE SHIPPING) $16.40 for White Wine (FREE SHIPPING)

Ebay: I don't use ebay unless its really hard to get the product or the discount is really cheap because there tends to be a lot of fake products on ebay.

KoreaDepart: $11.16 for Red or White Wine (Currently on sale for $10.50) Shipping is as follows:
One of the great things I love about KoreaDepart is that they have the item's weight next to every item you are browsing so what I do is try to jam as many goodies as I can to fill in the extra weight space not being used when I know I'm going to pay for the same rate anyway.

The Holika Holika Sleeping Mask in Red Wine is fantastic. I absolutely love this product. Next post I will explain why I like this product, with pictures and swatches as well as explain why I picked the red wine over the white wine sleep mask.

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