Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Korean Beauty Store TONYMOLY opens up in Chinatown

So one of the things I love most about living in New York city is that there is everything here. Brands from all over the world at your fingertips (well most of them anyway). I was super excited to run across a Tony Moly store that has recently opened up in Chinatown! Some of prices of the items are cheaper than Memebox and you can TEST the product.

Testing the product is super important, you can smell it and see if the makeup shade is one you like or one that matches your skintone. One of the things I love most about Tony Moly is their cute packaging! From the Panda brightening sticks to the hand creams shaped like fruits.

You can find them at 234-238 Canal St., #112,  New York, NY 10013

That Panda Dream eye stick is super cute!

They are currently have a sale on a couple of items, so being the shopaholic I am I gave this product a test run and then purchased it. In hindsight I probably should have gotten that Butter one besides it too as it was richer.

I purchased the TonyMoly 92% Pure Eco Aloe Gel. It was a total of $9.13 for a large size and I received a free Whitening mask! I told the lady working there I was also interested in the BB creams as I have never tried Korean BB creams before and she gave me two samples of different BB creams!

- Great customer service
- Prices are lower or about the same range as what you would purchase online
- Free samples or complimentary products
- no waiting for get your products or worry that its been lost in the mail!

I love samples will def go back to try some of their other products. I have my eye on their cream cleansers. The size is large and it is ONLY $5. I didn't purchase it because I intended to run an ingredient check to see if I was allergic to anything in it. They smelled fantastic though. So if you are around Chinatown NYC, go take a look!

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