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2nd Memebox Order Haul and TonyMoly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel Review

2nd Memebox Order Haul and TonyMoly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel Review

I'm so happy my 2nd Memebox order came. This was actually my first order which I made 2/27/15 it was delivered today on 3/12/15. I did message the company about a week after the order was placed, inquiring about the whereabouts of my package. She (Gwen) responded within 5 minutes of my e-mail! She said she was going to check with the warehouse to see what the hold up was. My package was shipped 3/10/2015.

Everything in the order was right except the It's Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis. They gave me the It's Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector instead. I sent another e-mail to Gwen. She replied on the same day and told me she would be sending out another package. I think it means I get to keep the wrong item by mistake! I sent and e-mail asking if I needed to return the item. I hope I won't have to.

Anyway so that was my run in with Memebox customer service. Overall it was very good, I heard horror stories about waiting 3 days to a week for a response, but Gwen responded quickly to my questions and I think (or I hope) I'm going to end up with a free product for my troubles. Keeping my fingers cross and will let you know how it goes. Gotta love a company that lets you keep the things it accidentally sends you!

So here is what came in the mail today:

2 MISSHA Aloe Fermented Cleansing Foam $4 dollars each ($8 for both)
IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula VB Effector $13
IT'S SKIN Power 10 Forumla CO Effector (wrong item, I ordered IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula Propolis )$10.72

Many of the items were on sale, the propolis was suppose to be $16 but one of the reasons I decided to buy it was because it was on sale. So you might not get the exact same prices if you check the site.

Aw no pink confetti in the box like the first one. It made it so pretty.

I also pick up my free Birthday item at Sephora. No purchase required if you go to the store in person. You need to make a purchase to get the item online.

TonyMoly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel Review

I did like this product I used it on my face and hands. I used it on one hand but not the other for a span of 2 days. Then I had my mother and friends tell me based on appearances, which hand looked better and which hand felt smoother. So before you guys read further and see more pictures, I am going to show you pictures of both of my hands. See for yourself if you can see a difference. The product was applied only to 1 hand for a span of 2 days. Click on the pictures to enlarge the view!

So if you do see a difference in the hands what does that prove? Nothing except that using this product beats using no hand cream at all. I wonder how this item holds up to other creams, but personally I don't care for my hands as well as I do my face so usually I just apply coconut, extra virgin olive oil, or safflower oil to moisturize my hands and body.

I will say the TonyMoly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel is less moisturizing than the above mentioned oils, but I do love the fact it absorbs fast so I don't end up leaving a greasy residue on everything I touch (mostly my computer keyboard).

 The container was very large it was 300mL for $9 GREAT VALUE. I originally thought it was meant to be used for the face but according to the item's instructions it can be used for body and face. I wish they gave us a scoop to pick up the product with as I find it more sanitary and most korean skincare in pots and containers usually do some with some kinda of a scoop.

90% filtered snail secretion

 I love this clear plastic lid that is under the main orange lid. It helps keep the product from dying out, which based on the nature of the item would dry out very quickly without proper storage. I'm not sure if this would make the product more or less effective but if you live in a dry area I would store it in the fridge, so it goes on nice and cool in hot weather and keep the product from drying out.

This is how the product looks on the skin, it is clear and a light gel.

Here is the product applies on the skin.

 The product has been absorbed into the skin, it absorbs pretty fast within 5 minutes or less, from my experience.

I also used it on my face, I loved the fact that #1 most important, DIDN'T BREAK ME OUT! In fact none of the Korean skincare items I used did. I am SO happy, when I use American skin care items from personal experience, 1 out of every 3 items would either break me out, give me a rash or irritation, or dry out my skin. 

I also loved the price tag on this item, the fact it is light and absorbs quickly. For me, the item would nor be moisturizing enough for the dry winter months, but I can see it doing wonders in the summer. I currently use it layered with other hydrating and moisturizing products.

My one biggest complaint about this product is the scent. Don't get me wrong it is not a bad scent, it reminds me of shampoo, but the scent is extremely strong. Fragrance, especially that strong is usually not good for the skin, especially for the face. Also the scent is so strong, I don't wear perfumes because I get dizzy, the scent from this product sometimes makes me a bit dizzy. 

Overall I've seen positive results from this product. My skin was moisturized (than using no moisturizing products), softer, and smoother. I only really wish they would tone down or get rid of the fragrance. The one thing that might prevent me from repurchasing this product would be that element alone. So I will keep using this product while shopping around for a replacement which works equally well or better but doesn't offend my nose so much.

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