Saturday, March 21, 2015

Current thoughts on Korean skincare routine

I was trying out the korean skincare routine where they have like 11 steps and use a lot of different products on the face. This is because korean products tend to treat only one type of problem, so they pick and choose based on what skin problems they have and put that in the routine.

I was excited about it at first but now I am not so sure. The reason being is because I am allergic or having bad reactions to so many products it has made my skin as bad as when I wasn't using any products. The original Night care routine where the only Korean product I used was the Holika Holika sleeping mask was where I saw the improvement. Adding in the other korean products actually hurt my skin pretty bad.

So, the korean skincare routine might work, but it is not for everyone. Maybe it will be different once I find the products I can use in the routine which doesn't give me negative side effects, but until then, I am just unsatisfied with the current state of my skin. I will say overall my face is softer but nothing has been helping with the acne flareup which was caused probably by that missha face wash I used.

Cause once I use the wrong product it takes my skin weeks to clear up. *Sigh*

I am still awaiting the supposedly miracle acne fighting tea tree essence I ordered from Korea, but shipping is 2-4 weeks. So until then makeup has to do the job. This really sucks when you have to show up in a professional setting and you have visible bumpy skin over which you applied a heavy coverage foundation.

Still looking for the holy grail skincare items to give me that flawless porcelain Korean skin, or at the very least help me with these acne outbreaks.

Interesting side notes my mother's and father's family didn't have acne when they were children. However all the first generation children born in the states are suffering from it, me, my brother, and cousins. I also suspect it probably has something to do with the diet and how hormones and chemicals are being added into everything. I have thought about becoming a vegetarian.

When I was in high school my friend was part of Peta and suggested I join. I do love animals a lot and we both went vegetarian and gave up about a month. Reason being we didn't know how to be proper vegetarians and ate the wrong things. At the end of the month I always felt cold (I had anemia my entire life, but my doctor told me that red blood cells for certain asian groups tend to be smaller I guess the non asian American and so we may get false reading of anemia in the blood tests), and I had trouble standing. My legs would get shaky. That might have to do with the fact I thought vegetarian diet meant eat anything not meat, aka cakes and ice cream, pizza, and all that good stuff.

I am  currently on minocycline prescribed by my doctor and dermatologist. I discontinue it every time my face clears up because supposedly being on it for a long time is bad since it is an antibiotic. Every time I stop using it, I stay clear for a few weeks before massive outbreaks occur.

Well if any of you decide to use a korean skin care routine, let me know how it goes and what did or did not work for you.

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