Thursday, March 12, 2015

1st Memebox Haul and XO Memebox Memebrush 6 piece set review

So I ordered some items from Memebox. This order was made 3/6/15 and arrived 3/11/15.
The items in it are:
1. TONYMOLY Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel $9
2. MISSHA Creamy Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam $5
3. IT'S SKIN Aloe Soothing Face & Body Mist 95 $12
4. XO MEMEBOX MEMEBRUSH: 6-piece Luxe Brush Set with Glittering Pouch $10 (cannot link because page was only available if you viewed it from an app.)
5. CLIO Microfine Collagen Mist $10 (cannot link because page was only available if you viewed it from an app.)

I was super excited for this brush set the price was very good and the brushes were an awesome pink and black color. I use a blush and do contouring every day I put on make up. 

It came with this nice booklet telling me what every brush can be used for.

#1. Lip, Concealer, Eye Shadow brush

I love this brush. It is great for travel, the round side of the brush has comes with a cap cover and the pointy thin side comes out when you pull on the brush. To retract just push down. Great concept!
It gives nice straight lines and can create really thin ones.

#2. The Eyebrow, Gel Eye Liner, Concealer brush was fantastic. It gave me sharp straight lines. I gave myself a nice cat eye. I usually have problems drawing straight lines but this brush made it super easy. The bottom pictures show the thinnest line I attempted to make which to me is thin enough. If you want a thinner line than that this brush might not be the best option.

#3. Blusher, Shading, Highlighter

I was looking to this brush the most. I had intended to use it for blush and contouring. I had recently thrown out my ELF bronzing brush. The ELF brush has a nice shape but the bristles were way too rough and it shed a lot initially. Sadly this brush is going straight into the garbage. The texture is almost as rough as the ELF brush I felt like I was exfoliating my face while I was trying to apply my blush.

#4 Eyeshadow/Highlighter brush, I used the Maybelline, The Nudes eyeshadow pallet to test all the brushes listed as suitable for shadows.

The brush was nice and soft and blended the eyeshadow really well. It gets the job done.

 #5. Powder, Highlighter, Blusher

I really dislike what they said they brush should be used for. This brush is a stippling brush, it is not particularly good for blush nor contouring. I used it to apply both of those because I had no other brush as the #3 brush was unusable. I think it will work well with liquid foundation, but I probably won't use it with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation as I find using a brush wastes some of the product. Also my fingers work just fine and gives a nice natural look. Overall not a bad brush, it is soft and I was able to apply my blush and contouring. Just a warning, when you use this brush with any powders (my blush and bronzers are powders) because it is a stippling brush it doesn't pick up the powder well.  It creates a lot of fallout on the pallet, so this brush isn't as effective for powders as a proper brush.
#6. Gel Eye Liner, Point Eye Shadow brush, worked well to apply shadow in small control area. Good brush for apply highlighters to the eye and overall a nice soft brush.

Here is the final brush set all in its case.

Overall, I likes the brushes. They were soft and can get the job done. The price for all 6 brushes with a case was very good, $10. If they made brush #3 usable and didn't list #5 as a powder brush, I would have love this set overall.

I feel like you are getting only 5 brushes and I am upset because brush #3 the unusable one is the one I needed the most. Also brush #5 the stippling brush does not pick up powder well and creates a lot of fallout in the pallet.

I apply blush and contouring every time I do my makeup, which is at least 5 days a week. I don't really apply eye makeup that much. Usually my eye makeup consists of mascara, some brow filling (with my mascara), and a pencil liner, so the brushes for the eyes are to me less important than a good powder brush. So yup I still going to have to purchase a proper brush for my blush and bronzer.

See my next post for the TONYMOLY Pure Eco snail Moisture Gel review.

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