Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Memebox Haul and Allure Prize!

About a month ago I won the below items from allure.

Unfortunately they were mostly lip products and I generally do not look good with lip color so I gave them away. You could win too if you join and become a member at

I know they have a beauty box but I never bought one, the items didn't seem like stuff I would like.  They have free product giveaway and contests though!

Anyway here is the Memeboxes!!!

What could be inside this big brown box?

Lots of Pink Confetti!

 Here are the 3 Memeboxes along with the Donkey Milk Masks I ordered.

Two of them are the COSRX boxes. I love COSRX and I did the math. Buying the boxes with 20% off, even if it included two products I don't use is cheaper than buying them separately anywhere else. I use my COSRX everyday and my skin has been pretty damn good. Only got 1 zit in the last 2 months and no pimples, it also evens my skin tone.

I also decided to try the August Mask Box. It was $15 for 7 masks!!! However with the 20% off I only paid $12 so it was $1.70 per mask.

Considering the cheapest mask included is $2 and the most expensive one is listed as $6, but around ebay its $4, it is still a good deal. Ordering these mask individually and incurring multiple shipping costs would cost way more. Who knows maybe I will find a favorite in these masks. Looking forward to writing reviews on them. The total costs of all 3 boxes + the 2 donkey milk masks was around $88.00.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Missha Ginger & Vinegar Baby Foot Peeling Mask Review

So I had purchased this item on Memebox when it was on sale. I got it for $3, I think it usually goes for $7. This item smells like a nice light floral shampoo, but if you stick your nose near the opening of the bag and inhale, it smells like sniffing an open bottle of really strong alcohol. The product has to be strong to peel the skin off your feet, so don't use this anywhere but where it is intended.

It was simple to use cut where they tell you and put the bags on your feet. Secure the bags with the plastic sticker already adhere to one side. The bags are filled with a clear serum.

Here is what I learned after I put them on. If you really have to, you CAN walk in them in the house for a short distance, but it is highly not recommended. Your feel is slippery in the bag with the serum and there is a risk of something punctuating the bag or of it breaking from stress.

You should also let the serum settle to the bottom of the bag before you put them on. Also do not make my mistake of lying down, you should remain seated so your feet are facing downward. This is to prevent the serum from touching other parts of your feet besides the bottom. The top of the feet has more sensitive and delicate skin and the serum will also cause that skin to peel. Peeling off the skin on the top of your feet will leave your feet dry and irritated ( or at least that is my experience).
them off in water as per the instructions.

So I was waiting for the peeling effect and nothing happened. Until day 6.

DAY 7 (major peeling)

 DAY 10 (almost done)

 The bottoms of my feet are almost finish peeling. As you can see the process is slow, and I would not recommend people doing this in the summer. I did not know it would take this long and just awful experiences with peeling feet and summer sandals.

Overall I would recommend this product. It works exactly like it promises. The skin on my feet is smoother and softer. I would be wary of is using it too much in too short a time span. I don't know overall how healthy is this for your feet. That serum smelled very strong and I am pretty sure it has to be strong in order to peel the hard calluses on my heels. Also it is best to let the skin peel naturally, you can help it along, but make sure you don't force it because I have had instances where certain areas of my feet felt sensitive after the peeling. The peeling wasn't painful at all for me, but I am taking my time and letting it remove itself, helping it along and removing the excess skin when most of it is detached.