Friday, March 13, 2015

Heads up I woke up to clogged pores

That means one of the new products I've tried is clogging me. The culprits can be:

MISSHA Aloe Fermented Cleansing Foam
IT'S SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Toner 150ml 
IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula VB Effector
IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula LI Effector 

I suspect either the toner or the LI Effector. I had a slight irritation after adding these items to my routine yesterday. My face was a little itchy. But, it was so slight and went away fairly quickly I ignored it. I have switched back to my original routine but have included the TonyMoly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel. I have been using that item for 3 days so I know it is not the culprit.

After my pores are unclogged, I will slowly incorporate the new items into my routine 1 at a time to find out which is the guilty one. So until then, be weary of the above products, although I really don't think it is the Cleansing foam's doing. I have sensitive, combination, acne prone skin.

I haven't lost my faith in Korean skincare. Even with clog pores my skin looks so much better than it was 2 weeks ago (which was covered in acne and acne scarring). But this is a small wake up call, usually I do incorporate new products 1 at a time so I can spot troublemakers right away. Due to my immense success and great results using other Korean skin care items I have purchased I became careless and tried 4 new products at once. At least it didn't break me out horribly or cause an allergic rash reaction!

For future references will definitely return to incorporating one item at a time. Good luck guys and let me know if you have had bad experiences, such as rashs, clog pores, and breakouts from products and what those products were so other readers can be cautious of them. Thanks and Good Luck!

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