Friday, March 27, 2015

New Korean beauty store THE YEON carries rare items in NYC Chinatown

I stumbled across this gem just walking home headed towards the trains station. Seeing that it was a brand new opened cosmetics store I went in to take a look and was absolutely floored when I saw this item. I had originally saw this item on Tried and Tested Shu An's Seoul Shopping Haul. Take a look at the video if you would like a video demonstration of how the item is used.

This item is quite hard to get in the states and The Yeon sold it for $11.99 which is crazy because it is on Korea Depart for for $12.15 (not including shipping). A really great find and they had testers. I cannot stress the importance of testing makeup items in person before you buy, especially this one because:

1. The shade is not the same color as the tube coloring.
2. Product is a lot darker when you first apply it.
3. It should show up differently on people with different lip tones, because this product is just a tint.

The Korea Depart carries 8 shades, The Yeon only had 3 shades.

First let me tell you a little about this store. They actually have two locations. The one in Chinatown and one in Flushing. The one in Chinatown I went to is located here: 53-55 Division St. New York, NY 10002.

It opened about a week ago. The name of the store "The Yeon" is actually the stores own line. The Yeon is a brand new Korean beauty brand. The store also carries other popular Korean beauty brands in addition to their own. 

Wow look at all the different face masks they stock!

I saw they stocked It's Skin serums (unfortunately I am allergic to them). Above the It's Skin serums is the Prestige brand, I believed they also carried the Prestige famous snail cream.

They also carry some items from Etude house but not a large selection.

I was informed that this was their new product and they were the ONLY brand to carry this item. It is called the BC stick and has an SPF of 45, which is high enough to prevent sun damage.

I was given the BC stick as a gift to try out and review since it is a new product. I was told it is a pore concealer and it has a light coverage. I tried the tester on my hand at the store and the product was very sheer. I couldn't read any of the ingredients because it was all in Korean. I did rinse my hand without the use of soap and the product didn't wash off. I was told it wasn't water proof but it may be water resistant.

So I end up purchasing the Lip Tint. I will do a full review of it in my next post. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it.

The sales rep told me the return policy is before you walk out of the store, so basically you can return the product as long as you don't leave the premisses. I saw a customer ahead of me purchase about $100 worth of cosmetics. She received free samples and very good customer service. The sales rep was helping her pick out and recommending products.

I did not receive any samples when I purchase the lip tint so I am assuming you need to purchase a certain amount or a certain type of product in order to be eligible, maybe skincare. I was also informed by the sales rep you can also request samples upon purchase.

Because a lot of the packaging I saw only had ingredients written in Korean. If you are concerned about skin allergies or sensitive skin, like me, I suggest you do an online ingredient search regarding the product before you purchase. You can also try the tester and see if you get any negative reaction.

They carry some of the most popular brands in Korea, so if you happen to be in Chinatown NYC drop by and take a look. Happy shopping!

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