Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ELF Zit Zapper (renamed ELF Essential Acne Fighting Gel)

ELF Zit Zapper (renamed ELF Essential Acne Fighting Gel)

I heard about this item from other beauty bloggers and youtube videos. For only a $1 I figured it was worth a try, but I didn't want to pay the 3 or 4 dollar shipping for the item so I was super happy when I went to Jack's 99 cents store and saw the item for only $1. (The price went up so it is $2 now on the website, not sure if its still a dollar at Jacks).

I purchased one tube, tried it, love it so much, I went back and purchased 10 tubes. It it clear gel, small and sleek packaging, and has a nice clean scent (which I've been told is tea tree oil).

So here is what you need to know about the item. Based on reviews, hundreds of them collected into review sites, this product works well for most people. However, there is a small percentage of people for who this product does not work, or will cause their skin to turn red and dry.

My friend is russian and has beautiful clear skin most of the time without using skin care items ( I am totally jealous). Occasionally he breaks out with like 1 or 2 pimples. So I asked him if he wanted to try oxy face wash (which has 2% salicylic acid). My brother uses that wash everyday with no problems. When the russian guy used it his face completely dried up. He said it was so painful just to open his eyes because the skin on his eyes lids were dried as well, he literally had to put Vaseline on his face for 2 days just to be able to function. I felt super terrible...

I had never met anyone who could not tolerate salicylic acid before. I never asked him if he wanted to try benzyl peroxide. From my experience salicylic acid is weaker than benzyl peroxide.

The instructions pretty much tell you to roll the product over the trouble spots I believe 2-3 times a day. For reasons I shall explain below, I was unable to roll the product on my face. When I applied the product without the roller and 3 times a day, my face became red and itchy. I think because my skin was drying out and it wasn't used to the product. I use it now once a day before I sleep. I have no redness or itchiness from it. So if you experience those symptoms, maybe give it another try, apply smaller quantities, and let your skin get use to the product.

With the knowledge that not everyone's skin can handle salicylic acid, which is one of the active ingredients, if you do want to try this product, do a test spot on the face or only on 1 pimple or something.

So this is what the product looks like:

 One of the main complaints from reviewers about this product was it being unsanitary since you are rolling over the acne and the ball touches the rest of the product.

My main issues were:
1. I didn't feel like I was getting enough of the product on my face merely by rolling.
2. Some of the roller had that rough plastic line which made it not roll well and/or scratch the face. If it was a more expensive product I would complain, but for a dollar I kind of expected that type of quality.

Those were the major reasons I stopped rolling it on my face all together. There is a better way but it uses up the product a lot faster. I go through a stick of these babies every 2 weeks or so depending on how bad my acne is.

Now for those who complain about the product design being unsanitary, or they are not applying enough product, or the ball is scratching your face, here is what to do:

This is what the product looks like without the cap.

You will find the tip is a piece that is connected in.

Pull on the tip a bit and then use your nails or something thin and wedge the top off.

And there you have it, the product is easier to apply. You can stick a Q tip in it or put it on your finger to apply.

Now you can replace the tip and take it over after every use. This is a really good thing to do if you are carrying the product around. However, if you are not traveling with it and pretty much don't want to pull the tip out everytime, just store it right side up in any small jar.

So for only 1 dollar or 2 dollars give this product a try. Remember to do a test spot and to use it at night first if you don't want to risk having to walk around with red skin. Good luck guys!

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