Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Yeon CMK Pore Blemish BC Stick SPF 45 review "Shade 02"

I received this product as a gift to try out and review. I was told this is a new product and The Yeon is the only store that carries it. To read more about The Yeon store or information of its location in NYC Chinatown please click here.The product looks like this:

You twist the tube and the product which is a stick, rolls up. The box warns you not to roll it up too high or the product might break off. After you apply the product you spread it with the brush end. I did have some sanitary concerns about the brush and whether it would be difficult be to clean, but I found out that the brush is removable for easy cleaning.

I really like this brush. It gives a really great skin texture when used with this product. Since the product has a smooth cream consistency the brush textures it really well without soaking up the product as they usually do with liquid foundations.

The product I was given was about two shades paler than me. People looking to try this product might have a shade matching issue as currently the product is only available in 2 shades and both are very pale. The shade 01 is called pink beige and the 02 is called natural beige. The shades are very good for the Korean pale skin beauty trend, but less so for Americans who generally prefer a more natural look.

Quick Note: All pictures are self taken on a camera phone, which is not as high quality as my regular camera. It is really hard to take selfies on a regular camera and none of the pictures have been retouched or edited in any way.

The pictures below show the product on only the right half my face. This product is actually light, it doesn't feel heavy or suffocating on the skin. The coverage is actually pretty impressive. It covered my acne and acne scars really well.

The pictures below show the full application of the product on the face. The finish is also the popular Korean "dewy" finish. Which as you can see in different lighting may show up a bit shinier than people might like. That is not a problem are you can easily mattify some of the shine with any face powder.

Below is the finished look with blush, lipstick, and contouring. I also applied some powder to set and mattify some of the shine. You will have to powder set the product, as it will transfer. It actually looks really well without being heavy on the face. The product actually takes on blush and other powders easily. You do not want to actually brush the blush and contour powders on as it might move the stick foundation, instead just pat them on and the color shows up beautifully.

The finish is gorgeous, it is the prefect pale porcelain flawless finish. My face looks flawless and smooth, this product really does hide all the pores and blemishes on your skin.

The only issue I have with the product is the very limited shade options. The product is too pale on me. However, I think it looks beautiful in dimmer lighting as you can see in the second set of photos.

I had the product on my face for about 7 hours. It looked natural in day light. I didn't have any allergic reactions or breakouts, but I did notice some of my pores were clogged. Product didn't oxidize or wear off in the 7 hour time period. This product removes cleaner than my Estee Lauder double wear, but probably because it is not water proof. It is water resistant since it is oil based.

- Easy to apply, product goes on and spreads easily.
- Sleek stick design is good for traveling and touching up on the go.
- Great finish, takes on powder blush and contouring easily.
- Doesn't feel heavy or suffocating on skin.
- Great SPF protection.
- Conceals pores really well, make you look like a porcelain doll.
- Has a light clean powdery smell.
- Doesn't dry out skin.

- Shows up really patchy on dry skin, as with other foundations, so make sure you moisturize well before application.
- Product transfers, doesn't self set. Not a big issue as you can set with any face powder.
- Look is very dewy, which is not so popular in America. However, you can remove the shine easily by mattifying with powder.
- Product only comes in two shades which is too light for many people.

So if you are in NYC Chinatown head over the The Yeon at 53-55 Division St. New York, NY 10002 to try the products.

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