Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mini Haul!

So two products I ordered from Korea finally arrived. Both included free samples!

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil 150ml ordered on 2/27/2015 from Amazon for $8.91 shipping included. It also came with free PURITO Snail Clearing BB Cream and a PURITO Snail All in One BB Cleanser samples.

The other is the, It's Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream $12.98 from ebay shipping included on 3/5/2015. It also came with free TonyMoly Goddess Aura BB cream, Lioele Dollish CC cream, and Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint samples.

Both products were shipped from Korea and arrive on 3/30/2015 and 31st. So it took about a month to arrive from the day I ordered it.

I really love ordering from Korean sellers, they always include free samples! Which to me is great marketing. I will probably try it since it is free. If I like it I will buy it. If I don't like it I won't buy it and the company will only lose the cost of the sample which in most cases is a few cents.

Plus if you bought it and hated it, and you can't return it cause shipping to Korea is too expensive then you will probably give the seller or product a bad rating. If you had a sample, tried it and don't like it, most people simple won't purchase as opposed to leaving a negative rating unless they had some horrible skin allergy or negative experience with it.

My Korea Depart order still has not arrive and its has been 5-6 weeks now. It is a larger order containing around $80 USD of products so it is possible the box is being held up at customs.

Just a quick note I swatched the It's Skin Hyaluronic acid cream. It is very moisturizing, but I am not a fan of this brand. This is actually one of the first items I ordered before all that Memebox stuff came in. I tried the serums, toner, face cleanser, mist, and this lotion from this brand.

The serums and toner clogged my pores. The lotion and mist seem okay so far but have way too much perfume. It makes me dizzy and honestly to not waste the money I spent on these products I will probably use them on my body instead. Items with really strong fragrance are generally not good for your skin anyway as perfumes are usually irritants, especially on the face.

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