Monday, April 13, 2015

SkinFood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil VS TheFaceShop Rice Water Cleansing Oil


Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil 170mL: $14.19 free shipping on Amazon (not prime).

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil 150mL: $11.03 Amazon Prime.

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil is cheaper than the Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil, by like 0.01 cents per mL.


I like the scent of the Rice Water Cleansing Oil more then the Skin Food one. The Skin Food one is a lemony citrus similar to the scent found in hand soaps or other cleaning products. The Rice Water Cleansing Oil smells lightly floral and baby powdery. It smells like deodorant, the good non overpowering kind.


Both oils are light especially when compared to olive oil, but the Skin Food cleansing oil a bit heavier. The texture of the Skin Food cleansing oil is similar to olive oil, but a little bit lighter. The Rice Cleansing Oil has the texture of baby oil, which is noticeably lighter and runnier than the skin food one.

I didn't swatch the oils for you because on camera they would be identical, they are both basically runny oils with no difference in color.


This is a big one.Now the Skin Food is MINERAL OIL. And if you google whether mineral oil is good for the skin you are basically going get mixed reviews. Basically there is a lot of stuff saying mineral oil is bad for you and your skin.

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing oil is made from rice bran oil and jojoba seed oil. Which seems like a safer, healthier alternative.


Both have very nice pump packaging, I really like the clear bottle of the Rice Water Cleansing Oil. However, the pump on the Rice Water Cleansing Oil works nowhere near as good as the Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil one. For reasons unknown, it is a bit difficult to push downwards and the oil just kinda dribbles out. The Skin Food one is like your basic pump, you pump and the oil flows out smoothly. Overall unless the pump was broken or extremely difficult to use, it wouldn't effect me repurchasing the product.

Which one cleans better?

Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil is
Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil is C


So same routine as last time with the olive oil vs Black Sugar Cleansing Oil.

I am wearing my usual full makeup which has been on my face for around 7+ hours. I wrote B and C in a 24 hour tattoo gel liner. This stuff cannot be removed with anything not oil based.

I then washed the cleansing oil off with the same Neutrogena rapid clear face wash, following by the same alcohol toner on a cotton pad. You can read more about it in depth here.

 This is my face before cleansing foam but with the cleansing oils applied. Notice side B the face is noticeably darker, the oil on side B took off the B written in gel eyeliner and its kinda of sitting on top of my face in the oil.

This is what the clean cotton pad with alcohol looks like before it is used on the face after cleansing foam is used to remove the cleansing oils.

Here are the results. I think overall the Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing removes makeup better than the Face Shop Rice Cleansing Oil. I noticed that when I applied the Skin Food Oil to the B side of my face, my face looked like it was covered in dirt because it removed the eyeliner B and the product was sitting on top of the oil. I didn't really notice that when I used the Rice Cleansing Oil. I do like the scent of the Rice Cleansing Oil more. But I think the Skin Food seems more effective at removing makeup and possibly also dirt on the skin.


Based on my personal experience, I think the Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil removes make up and dirt on the face better than the Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil. I originally thought I was going to go with the Skin Food oil, but after reading a bit more about mineral oil and it's negative effects I am a bit concern. So I will do more research so I can figure out for myself whether or not mineral oil is worth being concern over. In the meantime I will keep using it as I find it does a superior job of removing make up, and as it is a cleanser most of the product will probably get washed off the face anyway.

I am concern about claims that mineral oil clogs pores.

Hope this was helpful if you decide to purchase a cleansing oil.

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