Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SNP Animal Masks and Seoul*Lindarium

I purchased a pack of 5 SNP Animal Masks from ebay seller Seoul*Lindarium. This person sells korean beauty products for a cheap price amongst other products. I love this seller because she gives out free gifts.

The reason why I ended up picking this seller was because I wanted 1 of each animal masks. All other sellers I encountered on ebay or amazon do not sell a variety pack. Instead you are forced to either buy packs of 5 or 10 of the same or buy the masks 1 each at an increased cost.

This seller sold them in a pack of 5 for $12.50 USD which is a reasonable price of $2.50 a mask. She also lets you pick which masks you want. I purchased these as a birthday gift for a friend and wanted her to try every design.

I placed the order April 02, 2015 and it arrive April 14,2015. That is super fast considering it was coming from Korea. My Korea Depart order has been almost 5-6 weeks and still no progress.

My animal mask ordered and the free gift mask included!!!

My friend's greatest concern were wrinkles and since the mask only came in 4 different animals and I had to get 5:

Dragon Soothing Mask
Otter Aqua Mask
Panda Whitening Mask
Tiger Wrinkle Mask

I ordered 2 of the Tiger Wrinkle masks for her. I hope she enjoys them.

For those who are unfamiliar with SNP Animal Face Masks, they are basically face masks that have an animal print. Doesn't it look super cute?

The seller gave me a free Red Ginseng Mask with my purchase!!!

Which was super nice since I didn't know I would be receiving one. It was nicely packaged in a clear plastic gift baggy and was personalize to me. I think this seller personalizes all the gifts she gives with purchases. I will definitely buy from her again. This mask is going to be gifted along with the ones I brought for my friend. Shes a face mask junkie.

This goes back to my love of Korean sellers and Korean marketing. They always give out samples and free stuff. Compared to all other sellers who are selling identical products at the same price, I will definitely go back to the ones who include freebies. Also, if I try and like the item I will end up purchasing it from them anyway and get even more freebies.

I don't usually recommend sellers but this person had super custom service and she was the ONLY ebay seller to let you pick and choose a variety mask pack to purchase made it great. The fact that she throw in personalized freebies makes her one of the best sellers in my book. Will definitely go back to her for my future korean beauty needs!

Sadly I probably won't be doing a review on these masks since I will be gifting them away.

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