Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First Impressions Physicians Formula Argan Oil

I am aware of the argan oil craze. Argan oil is suppose to be good for your skin, face, hair, nails, basically everything. I am skeptical of anything that is suppose to be the miracle cure for everything so I didn't give it much though.

I was recently in Rite Aid pharmacy a few weeks ago and notice that Physicians Formula line was 40% off! Being a sucker for sales I had to go over and take a look. I noticed on top of the 40% discounts some of the products had a sticker which promised a $10 rebate. I was sold! I did the math and realized that if my rebate was honored the product would basically be free on top of the 40% off so I went ahead and purchased it. The oil was I believe around $14 prior to any discounts.

Not all the Physicians Formula products had the rebate sticker. The only product that had it was the Argan Wear, argan oil.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I love the dropper design, it keeps the product from contamination during use and allows a controlled amount of the product to be dispensed. The product doesn't really have an odor. It is a light oil which spreads well, is quickly absorbed, and is not greasy.

I have used it on my face twice with good results. It did not cause me to breakout, which was my number one concern. I used this product because my skin was a bit dry. For the first application, I applied this after my night essence and serum. I woke up with well hydrated skin. You only need a very small amount, I believed 5 drops of the oil was enough for my entire face.

My 2nd application of the product was to moisturize my skin before using my liquid foundation. Both times the results were good and I had no negative side effects.

I am definitely impressed with this argan oil. I am, however skeptical of the price $14 for 1fl. of argan oil. That is pretty expensive in my book because I think argan oil is a generic product. Sephora carries one by Josie Maran "100% pure argan oil" for $48. I guess the question I am asking is, is there actually a difference between these brands of argan oil?

My understanding so far is that argan oils, like other oils, such as olive or coconut, if not mixed with other substances is a generic product. Theoretically regardless of price it should be the exact same product regardless of which brand you buy.

I see other brands carrying argan oil for $6 for 2fl. Which is super affordable. I will keep using my argan oil and will update you on how it goes. So far I am definitely liking this product, but I am very skeptical about the difference between super expensive and cheaper argan oil.

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