Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Worth the Splurge?: Mishibox Unboxing (New Korean Beauty Box)

So Mishibox just launched and shipped out all their boxes this Monday June 15. 2015 via 2 day priority shipping. Mine has just arrived today and I am super excited!

Mishibox is a new Korean Beauty Box, currently only available in the states. It appears to be more skincare focused over some of the other makeup focused one.

The box was suppose to be around $15 free shipping, but due to complications securing sample sizes Mishibox decided to include full size products and the new price was $18.95 free shipping.

All boxes are NONREFUNDABLE, I think most subscription boxes are nonrefundable with the exception of Memebox which I love.

Is this box a good value?

There are 3 full size and 3 sample size products in the box.

Full size products:

1. Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel 250ml/8.4oz

- $5.51 on KoreaDepart not include shipping

- $11.99 on Amazon  free shipping (cheapest I could find)

2. Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

- Not available on KoreaDepart, apparently KoreaDepart does not carry Benton products.
- $18.28 (1.82 each) for a pack of 10 on Amazon free shipping

3. Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner (I got it in a silver color)

- $3.54 on KoreaDepart shipping not included available in only 4 colors:

13. Poison Red
14. Mystic Blue
15. Burgundy Garnet
16. Black Plum

On Amazon, product color is all over the place most sellers only selling one or a few colors. Price is $5+ depending what color you want. Price includes shipping which is around $4. Without shipping included prices run $0.76 and up.

Sample Size Products:

1. Banila Co. Clean It Zero (7g)

- Korea Depart full size 100ml $13.84 not including shipping. Korea Depart does not carry the sample size.

- Beauty Net Korea carries and sells the sample size, you get 5 of the samples for $7.57 (about 1.51 each) free shipping

2. Benton Honest Cleansing Foam (8g)

- Found the samples for sale at Rose Rose Shop pack of 5 for 3,800 won (which is about $3.45 USD/ $0.69 each) not including shipping

3. Skylake Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo (40ml)

- KoreaDepart carries this size, I believe it is a travel size $3.95 not including shipping.

- $14.91 on Amazon not including shipping which is around an additional $4. This product is not that available in the U.S. and as a result tend to be more expensive. I don't even see this product on ebay.

Total value: $25.20 so yes the box is worth the value. Keep in mind most boxes should be because they are saving the cost of shipping per item.

- $12 for the aloe ( I would not order this from KoreaDepart because of the weight it wouldn't be worth shipping to the states. Its like $8+ shipping)
- $2 for the Benton snail bee mask
- $5 for the Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner
- $1.50 for Banila Co. Clean It Zero (7g)
- $0.70 for the Benton Honest Cleansing Foam
- $4 for the Skylake Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo

My thoughts about the box.

 The box had a good value. I have not tried any of these products so I am excited to try it. However, I do not have a positive outlook towards Korean cleansing products, which 2 of the samples are.

The only Korean cleanser I liked and still used is the cleansing oils to remove makeup. I have heard of the Banila Co. products and the Benton brand so I am looking forward to seeing how well they work.

I wasn't a big fan of masks, but after trying a few I am so surprise at how well they have worked. This mask contains snail secretion and bee venom. I have never tried a product with bee venom and I know they are a really popular ingredient in Korean beauty products. So I am very excited about trying this one. It is suppose to help with wrinkles, whitening, and skin- soothing.

I love the aloe I have 2 aloe products but I love Holika Holika and have yet to try this one. I plan to do an aloe comparison of the brands I own to see what differences there are between them and which one is the most worth the price.

Despite the fact I love Holika Holika, I didn't like the eye pencil. This isn't due to quality but due to the fact that I haven't and do not plan to use it because of the shade I received. I don't see me pulling off a silver liner, it isn't really my color or style.

I really liked the fact most of the items in the box were geared towards skincare which is what I am looking for. I am not looking fore makeup items and I really dislike the fact you were unable to pick an eye pencil color and I think I will just gift mine to a friend. I would have preferred a gold or black/brown one.

I am curious to try the shampoo but would have preferred something else. The shampoo, although exotic smells exactly like the ricola throat lozenges. I am not sure is something I would like to smell like or have other people smelling on me. It also comes with pieces of chinese herbs in it. I had this one dark piece. I've seen other bottles with 3-4 white pieces.

The fact that it is such a unique product is what is making it interesting. Generally I dislike trying new hair care products. I'm the type of girl who buys the dollar shampoo and conditioner and let me hair air dry. I was born with nice healthy asian hair and it doesn't need a lot of special care.

Overall I did like the box but for the price, I probably would have just ordered the Aloe gel which is like the only thing I am on board for 10/10. I feel like if I had known about what was in the box prior I would not have ordered it. It just that most of the products in here are a miss with me. I only want to try some of the stuff because they are new but really not looking for cleansers, shampoo, eye pencils atm. The face mask is okay and I love the aloe gel.

Regarding future purchases of Mishibox. I think I will wait and see what is in the box that month and hope it doesn't sell out. If I like whats in the box then I will order it. Overall my feelings toward Mishibox launch is pretty positive, I am a little disappointed due to my own expectations. I know some other people are fairly upset at getting products they all already had or tried before. I recently got into Korean beauty and I have tried none of these products. I think Mishibox may be very good for those who are just learning about Korean beauty products and want to try some of the mainstream brands and popular items.

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