Sunday, June 14, 2015

Leejiham Tea Tree 90 Essence & Cream review

First off let me say the essence is super pricey to purchase in the states. Memebox sells it for like $36 when KoreaDepart had it for $18.80 each! I tried to purchase more of the essence yesterday but KoreaDepart upped the price to $24 and Memebox upped it to $40. I think the brand increased the price because the price uniformly went up everywhere even on ebay.

I bought 2 off KoreaDepart for $18.80. Which was kinda a risky investment for me especially since I had never tried the product before. However, given the cost of shipping I had the make it worth the buy and therefore got 2 of them. I also got the tea tree cream.

I got the item around 4/20 and I am halfway through with the essence. So a full bottle would last me 4-5 months which isn't bad. I will admit I am not sparing when using the essence because I would prefer to have enough of it on my face to feel like its working. I use one to half a dropper full per application.

My skin has been so good recently and I wonder if this is the cause of it. After the acne I received massive comedones through both sides of the cheeks and chin area. I rarely suffer acne on my cheeks, this was the first time it happened and I had no idea the cause. I read up about it online and some people said it could take years to heal. At which point I was very sad, but surprisingly I got rid of it all and it stopped coming back in less than a month! Now my skin is pretty acne free (I still have some scarring which will take a few months to heal), I get zits once in a while, but compared to the massive acne flare up where no part of my face is spared the red bumpiness I am so happy. I have also been off the medication for about 2 months so I am fairly sure it is this product doing the work.

Texture is clear and runny like water.

The essence absorbs into the skin almost immediately.

I just love, love this essence. I use it everyday without fail right after I wash my face.

Here is why I love this item!

1. It is virtually odorless, I seriously hate heavy fragrance skincare items.

2. It has No Paraben  No Mineral Oil  No Artificial Coloring  No Ethanol  No Fragrance  No Animal Material  No Triethanolamine

3. There is nothing on the ingredients of this item that would irritate sensitive skin or promote acne.

4. I love the minimal clean white packaging, especially the dropper design.

5. Unlike most acne products, this item does NOT dry out or irritate the skin. It is so gentle when I first used it I thought it was some form of water. The texture and feeling is like rubbing water on your skin. Due to the lack of irritation that I associate with acne products, I was actually scared it wasn't working. But my white heads stop turning into pimples and this made my face feel so calm and was so soothing after washing or extraction.

6. I do use this item with benzyl peroxide. I have used benzyl peroxide in the past without this product and also used this product without benzyl peroxide. I find that I had the best results when I used them together.

I do like the tea tree cream and I was using it with the essence, but I don't like it as much as the essence. I used the essence with another cream before and I don't think the cream is a necessity to clear skin like the essence is. Also it smells medicinal which is better than smelling heavily of fragrance, but I prefer odorless. 

The cream is pretty light, goes on smooth and is quickly absorbed. However, it is summer here and it is so light it is not moisturizing enough for my skin in the humid summer, never mind a dry winter. It is less moisturizing than the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel and way more expensive. The LJH Tea Tree Cream costs a little more than $22 for 50ml which is about 1.6 oz not including the shipping costs from Korea. The Clinique gel runs me around $26 for 4.2 oz. which is more than twice the product for a fraction more of the price. 

Since I wasn't so fond of the medicinal smell of the Tea Tree cream I only wore it at night. Don't get me wrong, it is not an unpleasant scent, but in the day time when you are near other people, it is not the sort of scent you want them to smell on you. 

Besides my issue with pricing, I found out the best skin routine for me was omitting the Tea Tree cream, using benzyl peroxide with the essence and the Clinique gel. I wouldn't purchase the cream again, purely because of price. If it was a lot cheaper I would, I just didn't really notice the anti acne effects on this product since the essence alone was working so well. I would rather not have to pay a lot for a redundant product. 

I know the essence is pricey, but do give it a try if you can. Especially if you have acne problems. It is a wonderful and based on reviews has worked for many people. All skin is not the same so there is a chance it might not work for your skin, but if you can afford it or even get a sample of it somewhere, its worth a try.

I will definitely try out other products from Leejiham line. The two that I tried did not irritate my sensitive skin, clog my pores, make me break out, or give me and allergic reaction! In fact all the products felt nice soothing, and calming on my skin. 

As a side note the Tea Tree Essence and Cream promises to brighten your skin as well. I notice other reviewers complaining about it not having a brightening effect. I didn't notice a whitening of my skin, like bleaching effect, which a lot of Korean beauty products do. I did notice it evening my skin tones and fading my acne scars. So overall this essence is fantastic in my book. 10/10 will buy again.

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