Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Great Christmas SAMPLE HAUL !!!

I did not even know you could purchase samples, silly me. After discovering there were Korean skincare samples for sale I had to try some!

One of the places to get samples is Ebay. Ebay has a large range of samples for all brands, especially Korean brands. This one is only $10 free shipping and comes from Korea.


It offers 30 samples for $10 which comes to around .33 cents a sample. Now as much as I would have like the samples to come in a pretty box like the picture above, it comes in a hot pink pouch (thumbs up for the nice color) as seen below:

Now I am really super excited at what was inside!

Yup, mostly ALL skincare, only make up item in there was 2 pouches of HERA CC cream. The whole order was full of mid-high end Korean brands; HERA; Lirikos; Donginbi; Sulwhasoo; The history of Who; O HUI; and some of the cheaper brands, Holika Holika. 

The Holika Holika Good Cera sample you see in the picture above counted as 2 samples. The O HUI Miracle Aqua gel cream came with two, but I already used one. I got 3 uses out of it and absolutely loved it. Remember my constant struggle to find a good moisturizer that is not too light or heavy? I think I just found it. I love, love this box and would definitely repurchase. If you were to buy samples of the higher end stuff in this pack on ebay the prices are around 50 cents for one sample. I was just shocked almost all the samples were high end! The only cons I have is that most of these samples are written in Korean and there are no instructions on how to use them, so if you want ingredients or instructions you need to look them up online. The only other con is I am going to try all these lovely high end samples and might fall in love with them. My wallet is going to cry.

It is July 3, 2016 as I write this and as an after though, this was not a good idea. Trying really expensive products that may be wonderful and then knowing it is out of your price range. I really love the O Hui cream but there is no way I am paying the price tag that comes with it.

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