Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Memebox 100 days of Masks Unboxing BLACK FRIDAY HAUL

I am so exited! It finally arrived. My Black Friday Vault Box 100 days of Masks!!!

The box is huge!

Here are the Memebox Mini K-Beauty Travel Kits. They were only $5 each! Great Christmas presents. I wish I could have bought more but there was a limit of 3.

Tada! The Black Friday Vault Box. I thought it was going to be in a special box. Not gonna lie, but the stick a sign on a regular cardboard box dissapointed me a little bit.

Here are the goodies, so many face masks all wrapped in sets in plastic.

Here is all the different facemasks from the packs.

The spread sheet above compares the prices of the masks as listed on the Memebox siteto the ebay value. Most of the times the masks MUST be purchased in bulk to obtain the above values. The red lighting means the items could not be found so I either ball parked the value or used what Memebox or ebay had for it.

The box is totally worth it. I paid $79 for the box that means each mask is 79 cents! The cheapest I have seen masks sell for is $1 and they have some pretty expensive ones in here. Notably, the Kocostar Foot Peeling mask, I have been trying to try it for a while, but $10 for a one time use item is too expensive. I did see it for $3 at a Memebox sale but it sold out before I was able to get to it. I am very happy with what I got especially since its Christmas!!! I get to share all these goodies with my friends. Good thing Memebox game me multiple copies of the same types of masks.

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