Friday, December 25, 2015

Review: Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

This product is very interesting. I honestly would not have purchased alone to try it. It came with the Memebox Cosrx box.

So it comes in a pouch like this:

It is a zip lock baggie. Inside you find this:

It is a plastic square with circles sealed inside a smaller squaure pouch. Keep in mind the sheet is full of circles. I have used mine over the course of a few months or so, so there are some circles missing.

Inside the pouch in the picture above, there is a clear hard plastic sheet over it.
I have been using mine for a while.

You are suppose to pick a circle that would fully cover the size of the pimple and place the circle over the pimple over night. It is suppose to reduce the size the pimple. I tried this on a few spots and saw minimal results. I was utterly unimpressed, it barely made any difference to the pimple size. However, I don't think this product was actually supposed to be used for "pimples", but for "zits".

This is really good for zits, specially the kind that after you pop, just continues to ooze liquid. Now I have in the past tried to use a piece of paper towel with some kind of an acne treatment soaked in it and placed over the zit overnight. What happens is after the paper towel absorbs the secretions it is literally like bonded to your face. When you pull it over you pull off the hardened secretion which reopens the wound. This patch is like a jelly/rubbery texture. It absorbs all the pus and liquid from the zit after you pop it. It also as it says on the front of the product "Acts as a barrier to dirt and bacteria" which is pretty awesome. It does reduce the sizes of zits that are POPPED noticeably. Honestly this product doesn't do anything if you just place it over a pimple/zit that has not been popped.

The best part is, in the morning it gently peels away. It doesn't adhere to the pimple or fuse with it like a paper towel does. You will be able to notice the secretion it absorbed. In my experience, with my zits, it is not like I do it one time to a zit and it magically goes away. It will absorb the secretion and reduce the size, but if I notice there is still pus in there (as is often the case), you need to pop it again and do the patch process another night. My zits typically require 2-3 nights with patch treatment to be flat. Notice I did not say it magically goes away, it still needs a longer time to heal, but it will be flat and if I put on makeup the zit should not be noticeable.

I would probably purchase this item again. It really doesn't get used up that fast, it depends on how often you break out with zits. Most pimples for me are fairly easy to pop and they don't continuously ooze liquid, so I don't really use these for pimples, just the zits. It is around:
-  $5 on Memebox
- $4 on Ebay
- $2.45 on Ebay if you buy a set of 10

It is pretty cheap, comes with 24 patches. I really love the design, it feels very sanitary and i like the resealable pouch. After seeing that price per pouch on Ebay I would definitely buy them in a set. I just hope I don't have that many zits that I have to use up a set of 10!

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