Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: Its Skin Babyface natural eyebrow pencil in #2 Deep Brown

I purchased this brow pencil from KoreaDepart around March. I have been using it for a while and really love it. I bought it for my mother. My mother has very thin and sparse eyebrows. My mother is the type of person who wears makeup maybe twenty days out of a year during special occasions such as weddings. So its suffice to say shes a beginner at make up. Her night routine consists of washing her face with her hand soap and putting on her Neutrogena hand lotion on her face.

I have tried many times to introduce her to other forms of skincare and cosmetics but it never really sticks. She either forgets to use it or do not recall how to apply it. I have a very close bond with my mother and enjoy doing her makeup for her when she heads out for special occasions.

The Its Skin Babyface natural eyebrow pencil was only $1.93! Really good price. It comes in 4 shades:

1. Natural Black
2. Deep Brown
3. Yellow Brown
4. Grey Brown

This is what the eyebrow pencil looks like.

One side has a spoolie.

The other side is a slanted tip.

The product is actually a triangular slanted pencil. The design is really cool because that way you never need sharpening and can create thick and thin lines!

This is my mother. As you can see her brows are sparse and the effect is that it makes her look older.

 Eyebrows Before                               Eyebrows After

My mother wanted a natural look. I just followed her natural brow and filled it in. I love this brow pencil because the color goes on very light. It is hard to mess up. You can simply build up the color to the shade you want. That being said, after getting the Deep Brown, I realized I probably should have gotten natural black.

The reason why I didn't go with black is because I have bad experiences with black eyebrow pencils. Many of them are not forgiving and if it is easy to overdo it and hard to fix or remove once you mess up. Brown, on the other hand is easier to work with if you make a mistake.

I realized I should have gotten the black after seeing how light the Deep Brown color was. I realized that the black would have also been a light black and would have looked natural without being overwhelming.

I will definitely purchase this product again. The price is so good, less than $2 and I love the design. The pencil is designed to never have to be sharpened but able to provide both thick and thin lines. Also comes with a spoolie on the other end which is really convenient.

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