Saturday, May 2, 2015

Memebox Partial Box Returns and How It Works

A few posts ago, I mentioned I bought this Memebox and was allergic to the Goodal serum.

Price: $39

At the same time I had asked to cancel this box. However, the lady I was e-mailing went on vacation and I got a response from her temporary replacement some days later who informed me the box was mailed and I could return it as soon as I received it. It arrived, but I couldn't help but peek at the goodies.

Price: $40

I decided to keep the:

How Memebox calculates the refund is # of items in box divided price of box. So to Memebox all items being return will get the same value.

So I was refunded  a little under $10 for the Goodal serum which was retailed as $34 in the box set. I was okay with it because without that item and with the refund my box was $30 for $40 worth of items though not as great a value. To see what Memebox valued the items click here.

For my second box I was refunded $24 since I kept 2 items. Each item was given a value of $8 since the box had 5 items and cost $40. Value of It's Skin Secret Solution Clear Essence $15.50. Value of Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Mist $17. To see what Memebox valued the items in the second box click here.

Total of both item $32.50 - $16 = $16.50 added value

So including items from box two my total costs for all the items I got were $42 with a value of $56.50Which is okay bur nowhere near the value I wanted which was the $39 for $74.

I will say this the current partial refund for boxes Memebox is offering is not a good idea. This is because you lose out when returning high value items from the box and people can easily take advantage of the partial refunds by keeping only the most expensive items in the box. I think the refund should be percent based on the estimate value of the item as part of the whole value of the box.

For example if you have 4 items:

1. $10
2. $10
3. $5
4. $5

And the box was $20, if you return a $10 item you should get 1/3 the value of the box since the product $10 is 1/3 the total value of the box which is $30. So you should get  $6.60 instead of $5 (which is the system Memebox currently uses). I think this way, it is fairer and people cannot take advantage of the system as easily. The more expensive the item they keep, the more of the box value is taken out for it.

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