Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Memebox Haul and Allure Prize!

About a month ago I won the below items from allure.

Unfortunately they were mostly lip products and I generally do not look good with lip color so I gave them away. You could win too if you join and become a member at

I know they have a beauty box but I never bought one, the items didn't seem like stuff I would like.  They have free product giveaway and contests though!

Anyway here is the Memeboxes!!!

What could be inside this big brown box?

Lots of Pink Confetti!

 Here are the 3 Memeboxes along with the Donkey Milk Masks I ordered.

Two of them are the COSRX boxes. I love COSRX and I did the math. Buying the boxes with 20% off, even if it included two products I don't use is cheaper than buying them separately anywhere else. I use my COSRX everyday and my skin has been pretty damn good. Only got 1 zit in the last 2 months and no pimples, it also evens my skin tone.

I also decided to try the August Mask Box. It was $15 for 7 masks!!! However with the 20% off I only paid $12 so it was $1.70 per mask.

Considering the cheapest mask included is $2 and the most expensive one is listed as $6, but around ebay its $4, it is still a good deal. Ordering these mask individually and incurring multiple shipping costs would cost way more. Who knows maybe I will find a favorite in these masks. Looking forward to writing reviews on them. The total costs of all 3 boxes + the 2 donkey milk masks was around $88.00.

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