Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal sheet mask review

I bought this item from Birchbox with my birchbox points. I've seen this mask around the $6-7 range in other places. So it is a very pricey mask in my book.

 The sheet is a one piece black cloth type sheet. I could smell the charcoal in it. The scent of the mask wasn't unpleasant. It felt nice and cool. The mask does what it promises. I noticed the clogs in the pores of my nose were definitely smaller the next day. It also dried out and reduce the redness of some of my pimples.

I have combination skin and some places of skin are oily and some are dry. This mask is not moisturizing. I had to put on lotion after using it because when the serum was absorbed, my face slowly began to feel dry afterwards.

The mask does what it promises which is help control oil, help with clogged pores, and help with pimples. The problem is the price tag, with a $6-7 price tag for a one time use item, I would rather buy a cream which exactly whats the mask does.

I also don't recommend this item for combination skin, it can be a bit drying.
I would not purchase this item again.

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